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ByFaith is the bi-monthly magazine of the Presbyterian Church in America. In every issue readers will find departments and features that are interesting, and applicable to their everyday lives, including:

Newsreported primarily from PCA churches, presbyteries, and ministries. But also other news of interest to those who view the world from a Christian and Reformed perspective.

In the World brings a Reformed perspective to the social and theological issues that influence our society, business, science, education, law, technology...

Theology for Ordinary Life deals with the ministry of life at home, at work, at church, and in the community discussing how, in our day-to-day tasks, we become a part of God?s redemptive plan.

Art & Culture presents a biblical perspective on art, music, books, television, movies enabling us to engage others naturally, and from a Christian point of view.

In the Church/PCA People provides profiles and stories from our congregations, committees, and agencies. In these areas of the magazine we hope to create connections within the PCA: names, phone numbers, email addresses where readers follow-up and learn more.